Staking Facilities

Staking Pool Questionnaire Answers

Staking Facilities was provided an initial questionnaire by the EDDC to provide further insights into how Staking Facilities works and to evaluate their safety as a Staking Pool Service. Please see below for the EDDC questions and Staking Facilities answers.

What country is your business based out of?

Munich, Germany

Are you confident that you are adhering to all of the necessary regulations for the jurisdiction you are in?

Since we are in the process of relaunching our website, we will soon have updated terms and conditions of our services on the new website. these have been worked out with our lawyers from CMS. So we are very confident that we are adhering to the rules & regulations.

How much control do you have over users’ funds? – Do you hold 0, 1, or 2 keys?

We control the validator key. Users hold the withdrawal key

Do you have any insurance in case funds are lost?

Answer not provided

What is your company’s history in the cryptocurrency space?

We were founded on 2017 and are a validator & node operator on serveral networks, (e.g. Tezos, Cosmos, Solana, Polkadot, Kusama, Edgeware, …).

Who are your team members, and what are their academic and professional backgrounds?

Answer not provided

If you are using smart contracts, have they been audited, by whom?

We are currently not using SC (might change with something like Lido).

Describe your staking setup. – Do you have your own servers, if no, which hosting provider are you using? Which client(s) are you using? How many nodes are you using? Do you have some sort of redundancy built-in? etc…

Our core infrastructure is deployed at Tier 3+ data centers. We use a combination of different security measures in combination with state-of-the-art monitoring to ensure high availability and security. Protecting our customer’s funds against slashing is our highest priority.

Who is invested in your business, is there venture capital, is there a token? If there is a token, what is it used for?

Answer not provided

How much are you charging for your staking services?

Answer not provided

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