Staking Pool Questionnaire Answers

Attestant was provided an initial questionnaire by the EDDC to provide further insights into how Attestant works and to evaluate their safety as a Staking Pool Service. Please see below for the EDDC questions and Attestant answers.

What country is your business based out of?

United Kingdom

Are you confident that you are adhering to all of the necessary regulations for the jurisdiction you are in?

Yes. Equally importantly, we adhere to the necessary regulations for the jurisdictions in which our customers reside.

How much control do you have over users’ funds? – Do you hold 0, 1, or 2 keys?

Our customers maintain control of their withdrawal keys, which provide them complete control over the movement of their funds as well as all rewards. We maintain control of the validator keys, through a resilient and secure threshold signing configuration. We do this so that we can offer a full service; if the customer had complete control of the validator keys they would need to maintain the systems that looked after those keys to ensure their validations are signed, which would be against the idea of a staking service. Equally, if the customer had control of validator keys it would be possible for themselves, or third parties with access to their keys, to create slashing events whose origin could not be ascertained. Our configuration ensures that we are responsible for validating, and the customer maintains control of their funds.

Do you have any insurance in case funds are lost?


What is your company’s history in the cryptocurrency space?

Attestant itself was formed a little over a year ago, with its sole focus on providing Ethereum 2 staking services. The founders have many years experience in the cryptocurrency space, including significant work on Bitcoin (e.g. one of our team was a founder of the MultiBit wallet) and Ethereum (the ethereal command-line tool, ENS, etc.)

Who are your team members, and what are their academic and professional backgrounds?

Bios and links to founders’ profiles can be obtained at

If you are using smart contracts, have they been audited, by whom?

No smart contracts.

Describe your staking setup. – Do you have your own servers, if no, which hosting provider are you using? Which client(s) are you using? How many nodes are you using? Do you have some sort of redundancy built-in? etc…

Attestant runs dedicated hardware in tier 3 and 4 data centres. Importantly, it has no dependency on cloud services. The infrastructure is designed to be highly resilient, with entities either simply redundant (e.g beacon nodes, where multiple servers in different data centres are active at all times) or redundant through threshold (e.g. signers, where 2 of 5 signers can be unavailable without service loss). Attestant has built its own validator client, Vouch, to work with multiple beacon nodes for the highest levels of resiliency as well as maximum responsiveness and optimum selection of beacon block proposals and attestation data.

Who is invested in your business, is there venture capital, is there a token? If there is a token, what is it used for?

Attestant is privately funded. It has no token.

How much are you charging for your staking services?

We charge 17.5% of rewards, with a discounted rate of 12.5% up to the first 45 days after genesis for customers who wish to join us early for the staking journey

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