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Staking Pool Questionnaire Answers

Blox Staking was provided an initial questionnaire by the EDDC to provide further insights into how Blox Staking works and to evaluate their safety as a Staking Pool Service. Please see below for the EDDC questions and Blox Staking answers.

How much control do you have over users’ funds? – Do you hold 0, 1, or 2 keys?

Answer: none

Do you have any insurance in case funds are lost?

Answer: Other than the usual liability and directors insurance, no. We do not hold funds.

What is your company’s history in the cryptocurrency space?

We begun in 2017 developing a crypto tracking app which evolved into a full blown enterprise crypto dashboard and accounting platform, serving the biggest names in the industry (eToro, DCG, ethereum foundation and more). As part of that project we got a lot of experience in running robust infrastructure for around 15 blockchains, that gave us the head start in building BloxStaking as a lot of the work is making sure the infra is robust and stable.

Who are your team members, and what are their academic and professional backgrounds?

I’m (Alon) a developer in the blockchain space since 2013. I’ve contributed code to bitcoin, ethereum (worked on the early ethereumJ project in 2014/2015), developed a multi-sig wallet named bitcoin-authenticator and then Blox.

If you are using smart contracts, have they been audited, by whom?

Not yet, for the payment (available after mainnet) we will have a simple proxy contract which will go through an audit by Least Authority.

Describe your staking set up. – Do you have your own servers, if no, which hosting provider are you using? Which client(s) are you using? How many nodes are you using? Do you have some sort of redundancy built in? etc…

I think best description is on our website ( and in our github (

Who is invested in your business, is there venture capital, is there a token? If there is a token, what is it used for?

We have a couple of investors, the biggest one is eToro. The rest are private angel investors.

How much are you charging for your staking services?

We are still discussing it internally, will probably know in 1/2 weeks. Will update.

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